Artists Against Child Labor

Artists against Child Labour was formed by Pandit Vikash Maharaj in 1984 to send the message through the international artists in their own countries and abroad. We all believe that the best working place for all the children in the world is in school and at no other place. No matter whether it is out of greed or out of need, child labour and especially work in hazardous occupations has to stop.

Children are the future of our world and we as adults should function as the safeguards of it and give them the voice they often do not have.

We as professional musicians from different parts of the world, from different cultures and backgrounds all agree that we also have a social responsibility and that our efforts do not end in our aim to give joy and happiness to the audience. We are aware of the problems of your time whether it is about financial greed, environmental pollution or social injustice. In our unique effort within artists against Child Labour we would like to raise awareness and support initiatives that work on the same lines. Often, we do support through our consumption companies that build their fortune though the help of child labour. Wherever possible we will try to boycott these companies and buy only goods that are made under social acceptable conditions.

"The Wise Guys feel that child labour is something terrible that needs to be vanished from this Earth. Children should be free to grow up in safe surroundings where they can play, learn and develop their potential to live in a fulfilling way also as grown-ups. We are very happy to support the Artists against Child Labour."

-- Wise Guys, Germany   

Pandit Vikash Maharaj

(Musician, Composer, Producer, Writer, Social Worker), INDIA

Tom Bailey

(Singer/writer/composer/producer), London.



Ralf Klotz

(Organ/writer/composer), Germany



James Pinker

(Producer, percussionist and sound engineer), New Zealand




Prabhash Maharaj

(Tabla Player/Social activist), India




Joshua Geisler

(Flute/guitarist/composer/producer), U.S.A.




Abhishek Maharaj

(Sitar/Vocal/composer), India




Josh Massad

(Percussionist/Producer/Composer), U.S.A.




Vishal Maharaj

(Sarodist/Producer/Composer), India





(Singer/Producer/Composer), U.S.A.